Natural Gas Specialists

Customer-Owned Piping and Appliance Inspection/Training

Customer-Owned Piping And Appliance Inspection

We have performed thousands of customer-owned piping and appliance inspections. The customer-owned piping tests have included manometer testing, shut-in testing, pressure bottle testing, and flow meter testing. We have conducted inspections at numerous Gas Leak Incidents, isolated leaks, and repaired leaks. We have also performed the same during on-site, post-incident inspections for clients involved in litigation.

We have a solid working knowledge of the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC) and NFPA 54. We have also performed thousands of Natural Gas Appliance Inspections on appliances that operate by means of a standing pilot light, power pilot, or electronic ignition. We understand the process of disconnecting/ isolating a gas appliance for an unsafe (red-tag) condition vs. tagging an appliance for an improper (yellow-tag) condition.