Natural Gas Specialists

Natural Gas Specialists

As natural gas specialists, our mission is;                       

1. To consult with/assist those engaged in natural gas litigation; and

2. To evaluate and certify those who recognize and react to natural gas abnormal operating conditions (AOCs) as detailed in their operator qualification plan.

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Areas of Knowledge and Expertise

49CFR Part 192

Deposition Review, Opinion, Reporting, and Testimony

Mock Emergency Workshops

Post-incident Inspections and Site Inspections

Gas meter change-out projects

Industry Best Practices/ Standard Practices

Operator Qualification Trainer, Proctor, and Evaluator

Areas of Knowledge/ Expertise

Mock Emergency Workshops

Operator Qualification Trainer, Proctor, and Evaluator

Post-Incident Inspections and Site Inspections

Deposition Review, Opine, Reporting, and Testimony

Natural Gas Experts
Natural Gas Experts

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About Natural Gas Specialists

Gary Worland has over 40 years of experience in the natural gas industry, including first-responder, line locator, service technician, Trainer, Training Supervisor, Field Maintenance Supervisor, and Manager. His hands-on experience, training expertise, management experience, and regulatory experience put him in a unique position to assist clients looking for a natural gas subject matter expert. He has also worked with Clients on various gas incidents across the United States. He travels to conduct Operator Qualification (OQ) Workshops and proctor OQ Testing and Performance Evaluations for those who work on jurisdictional piping. He is an Operation Qualification Trainer Proctor and Evaluator. Over the years, Gary has utilized materials from Industrial Training Services, Midwest Energy Association, Security Integrity Foundation, and Energy World Net. Gary personally responds when a Client requests assistance or has questions related to natural gas.

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We have been in the Natural Gas Industry for several years. Gary Worland has held various field positions, including Meter Serviceman and Gas Service Specialists conducting hands-on services to include Move-in orders, Move-out orders, Gas leak Investigations, Low-pressure orders, High-pressure orders, Line locates, Odor investigations, Appliance repair, and more. He has a solid working knowledge of natural gas characteristics and migration patterns.
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